Mary Ann Johnston


In scintillas of passion with undulating swells of aurora, 

flowing as dancing waves of color and light, I am free!

No residue of past have I, nor expectations. No boredom. I am free!

Oh God, that I could live forever fast in Your silence,

my Self ... at peace within my God.

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Mary Ann Johnston's autobiography, Sustained by Faith, is for all who face difficulties that seem insurmountable. It will give hope and courage to those who are unhappy, those who grieve, and those who feel like giving up. It will strengthen the faith of those who search for purpose and meaning in life.

In Sustained by Faith, you will read of the author's personal journey and how her faith in God and Jesus enabled her to deal with abuse and death, to expect miracles and adapt to change, to purify and strengthen heart and soul, to learn to see clearly and deeply, and to listen to intuition and take chances. You will be thrilled to read how Jesus uplifted her when she needed help.

Sustained by Faith is a moving account of a difficult life lived with faith, love, and perseverance. It demonstrates how inner knowing, loving communion with God, and the help of a divine teacher can enable us to grow spiritually and meet life's challenges with courage.

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Mary Ann or George Johnston
305 Care Center Dr.  Apt. 124,  
Manistee, MI 49660


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In 2005, Mary Ann's heart stopped, and she visited the heaven she speaks of in That Heaven. This profound, near-death experience transcended other out-of-body experiences she has had, in that ego-consciousness was absent and she was totally merged in God. Her description of this glorious state of being One with God in supreme peace, bliss and all encompassing, endless love and light is deeply moving.

That Heaven is also an intimate, personal testimony of experiencing God in daily life, and the challenges Mary Ann faced. She explains how the negative thoughts arising from ego-consciousness limit our ability to experience and manifest our true nature and shows us how we can rise above the ego and dwell in Oneness with God. She shares the happiness she found as she merged more and more into God-consciousness. 

That Heaven reveals a fresh, love-filled way of living. It inspires us to find - through meditation, mindfulness, and inner guidance - a realization of the love, joy, wisdom and other eternal blessings of God within and without. And it prepares us for That Heaven.

In this book, you will find divine wisdom and inspiration from Jesus, Yogananda, and Babaji. We are blessed to be receiving their words of hope and guidance for humanity at this prophesied, turbulent time of momentous change and spiritual transformation.  

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"Chances are, if you have a question for Jesus, the answer lies in these pages. The essence of the spiritual life, modern religion, world affairs and disasters are all dealt with rather comprehensively. 

"Nothing that I or the author could say will convince anyone skeptical of these pages' origin about their authenticity. But then again, only personal conviction will allow any scripture to be thought of as veritable. I encourage you to delve into this work and find out for yourself if Truth is present here. My guess is, regardless of what you determine, you won't skip a page."    --Fred Stella

President Interfaith Dialogue Association,
Host of Common Threads:   An Interfaith Dialogue    WGVU Radio,   Grand Rapids, MI.

In Messages from Jesus: A Dialogue of Love, Jesus addresses our spiritual, social and physical needs. He deepens our understanding of divine love and oneness, speaks of the nature of a true master, and clarifies the meaning of "Father, Son and Holy Spirit." He discusses the problems we face in our modern world, such as weapons of mass destruction and pollution, and tells us how humanity can end war and terrorism.

Jesus answers Mary Ann's questions and they discuss living in love, forgiving oneself and others, the nature of sin and karma, meditation, healing, living in the presence of God, the afterlife, and many other matters that pertain to our beliefs, spiritual growth, health and happiness. Jesus illumines our minds with His inspiring counsel.

Messages from Jesus is for all who seek truth. Jesus addresses our most vital questions and concerns, gives us hope, and shows us how we can rise above human limitations and suffering.
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